Do You Use Wall Calendars?

October 9, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

It's October and I'm already talking about 2010 calendars? Why yes, because most of the independent designers making them only roll out limited numbers and so when they do (usually mid October) we need to hop to it! They fly out of their virtual stores and who wants to end up with Victor's Volvo as their yearly calendar?


In an effort to help these artists market their beautiful work, and to aid my readers in finding them all in one place so they're aware of their options, I'm working with dozens of designers to create a huge round up of calendars to go live on decor8 next Friday, October 16th. The round up will post throughout the day — one post after another will feature beautiful calendars – some traditional, others more innovative, some letterpress, others with gorgeous illustrative work and photography. It's a day you won't want to miss if you're a wall + desk calendar nut like I am!



The beauty shown in this post was designed by Sarah Parrott of Parrott Design Studio in Providence, a gorgeous letterpress calendar that she created using her drawings. Sarah is only releasing 150 of them, well 115 online, and she's already begun offering them in her etsy store here.

To view all of my picks for 2010 calendars, visit decor8 on Friday, October 16th. Mark your, um… calendar!

So tell me… do you use wall calendars? If so, are they more for decorative purposes or do you refer to them daily as well to mark appointments and chart progress on specific tasks and such? What do you use to keep track of things? I use wall calendars more as decoration than anything else, but I do look at mine regularly to track certain goals or to simply get a good visual of the days ahead until a specific project much be completed. I tend to use iCal on my MacBook Pro for more extensive planning purposes (i.e. editorial deadlines) and I have a leather day planner for note taking and because it's mobile and can travel with me in my handbag (I don't carry my laptop with me that often). I've considered using software that is even more advanced than iCal, which is very basic, or my iPod Touch or perhaps a Blackberry, but my trusty day planner seems to do the trick. What about you?

(images: sarah parrott)