Hide Temporary Chaos with a Room Divider

October 6, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

091006-screenUnexpected guests can be a wonderful surprise, but they can also come into your space at inopportune times. Even the most organized and decluttered homes experience moments of disorder when going through day-to-day life.

Being able to temporarily hide this chaos can help to keep your sanity and let you focus on your guests instead of worrying about your mess. I recommend owning a portable room screen that you can set up in front of your desk, craft room, or child’s play area to close off the area from view.

You can find a vast selection of screens on specialty websites like RoomDividerStore.com, but they’re also available through large distributors Amazon.com and Target.com.

Just remember that these structures should be temporary and stored out of the way on a daily basis. They’re not meant to be a way for you to constantly have a mess, simply a way to hide a temporary mess when the need arises.