Can You Make Meat Loaf Without Bread Crumbs?

Or, why is everything bad for you just so good? I’m on a no-carb kick, trying to cut my sugar intake and sticking with healthy foods like vegetables, lean proteins, fruit–basically, following my 98-1/2 -year-old grandmother’s diet (she must be doing something right!).

I’m on the hunt for healthy, delicious, and easy recipes (isn’t everyone?) and am contemplating making this Real Simple recipe for Turkey and Roasted Red Pepper Meat Loaf. Looks like it hits all the points, but it dawned on me, could I make this without the bread crumbs? I know 1/2 cup won’t kill me, but I’ve never tried to make a meat loaf without “stuffing.” I’ve tried the shortcut of using crushed saltines, and swapped traditional bread crumbs with whole wheat ones, but I’ve never skipped it altogether. 

I’ll try it this week, but want to ask the expert chefs in the group: Would the meat loaf just be less dense? Do you really need the bread product to bind it all together?