The Time Traveler’s Wife: A Big Question for You

September 21, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Hi, everyone:

I had a bunch of observations about pages 200 to 400 that I was going to
write about. And I’ll get to them in another post. (Everything from the discussion of punk to the whole attempt to have a baby!) But I am distracted by this one big question
and I want to get your take on it…

Do you like this guy? I mean, his character is written very sympathetically.
But I can’t help but feel more than a little like he hoodwinked Clare into
becoming his future salvation by appearing to her when she was 6 and setting
her life on a predetermined course.

Of course, she didn’t HAVE to go out with him when she met him at the
library. She could have chosen to ditch him after a couple of dates. And
saved herself a lot of pain. But by that point he had already worked his way
into her mind, well and truly. Aside from all the circular reasoning of past
and future and destiny—indeed, if it’s possible to set that aside—I
can’t help but wonder if it was an ultimately unloving thing for Henry to do
to have continued to visit Clare and not to have walked away from that field
one day and just let her be. Let her have another life? (Naturally, that would
have meant he would not have woken up next to her when he returned to the
present—because he only began “visiting” Clare after they were together in
the future. But unraveling that little knot gives me a headache.)

What do you think?