Handmade Special Somethings

September 16, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

I'm always impressed and inspired by women with an abundance of creative energy and their own small businesses that utilize their unique talents and ideas.

I was introduced (virtually) to one such individual this week, and wanted to share her work with you here. 

Check out Shandells, the creative home of Susan Schneider, a "longtime collector of things vintage with a passion for recycling them into things that make you smile." 

Her shop (in Millerton, NY) is a working lampshade and vintage lighting studio. If you explore her website, I'm sure you'll find what I did – visual inspiration, beautiful lampshades crafted from vintage decorative papers, and some fun affordable gifts – like these match boxes


Vintage wallpaper

Met opera

I especially love this "Met Opera" design! 

Handmade gifts have that extra special, personal touch – and it's always nice to support independent artisans. At $14, these match boxes are an affordable and unique present – plus it's something everyone needs. 

Who hasn't found themselves scrambling for matches just before dinner party guests arrive, or when it's time to sing "Happy Birthday"? Having an attractive box out in the open and on hand in the dining room, kitchen, and living room will help you avoid those "oh shoot!" moments. 

FYI, Susan also blogs here, sharing new items that she's made as well as fun decor tips. Her items can be purchased on Etsy here

Got a great source for handmade gifts (or other special somethings) to share? Let me know!