What’s In Your Fridge?

September 11, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Have you seen that A&E show Hoarders? In the episode I caught, one woman, Jill, had a serious aversion to throwing out food. I mean, to the point that she had rotten pumpkins on the floor and a fridge packed with yogurts and other items that were months past the expiration date. It really was not a pleasant sight. See what I mean.

It’s very sad–Jill suffers from a serious hoarding compulsion. But I have to admit, I, too, have had to throw out some pretty rancid herbs and greens from my vegetable drawer. The drawer is opaque, so sometimes I never know what to expect when I open it. I sound like a broken record, but I need to do a better job using up my fresh produce. One thing I started to do is to keep an anti-shopping list on the fridge on a magnetic notepad, listing which ingredients I should use asap. Then I can search for recipes using that ingredient or just toss it all into a pot and see what happens.


Sidenote: While I was looking for an image to share, I found this flickr group called Fridge Fetish, where people show off the contents of their fridges. Which lead me to the What’s That In Your Fridge? group. Very interesting, voyeuristic stuff. Do you think you can tell a lot about someone by the contents of their fridge?

This flickr member’s fridge looks quite neat and organized. But what about yours? Is it a mess? Do you have a great system to find exactly what you need?

Wanted to pass on this message, too: We’re looking for freezers/fridges in desperate need of organization for the December issue of Real Simple. If you live in the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, or CT), e-mail photos of your messy fridge/freezer to get_organized@realsimple.com, along with a brief description of the challenges you face. If we choose your fridge, you’ll get a free makeover.