Here It Is: My Dream Bag

September 11, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

For those of you who read my editor’s letter in the September issue and want to know more about my dream bag, here it is:


I realize I should have just put this picture on the page, but here’s why I didn’t: The bag was expensive; it is probably no longer available; I was not organized enough in the moment to take a photo of the bag; and I wanted to let all of you imagine your own Platonic ideal of a bag as you read. However, enough of you have asked about the bag that I thought I should provide details. (Real Simple is a service brand, after all.)


  • I bought it at Saks on 5th Avenue and 49th St. in NYC
  • I bought it either in 2005 or 2006, can’t remember which
  • It is approximately 16” wide and 12” tall
  • It’s made by Miu Miu
  • The leather was distressed when I bought it; major selling point as my clumsy gradual ruining of the bag will not show as quickly
  • It has never once broken or needed repair and I carry it every weekday from September till May
  • I love and need it almost as much as I love my dog, but not quite

For those of you who have already found a dream bag of your own, congratulations. For those of you who are still looking: There is hope. If I could find it, so can you.