Cucumber Fool

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Well who wouldn’t enjoy a delightfully refreshing soup with a name as cute as this? 

A cucumber fool is the perfect starter for a “stretching out the summer” dinner party, and could become one of your go-to recipes for a healthy, delicious brown-bag lunch for the office this fall. 

I’ve been having a bit of a Julia Child moment lately; can you blame me? She’s just so fun to learn from – and about. My mother hadn’t seen the movie yet, so it was the perfect reason for me to go again. I’ve always thought the really good movies are better the second time around, and this one, dear friends, is a really good movie. 

Afterwards, inspired and hungry, we started flipping through Julia’s The Way To Cook, and decided to try out her Cucumber Fool. 

Here’s what Julia has to say about it: 

“A fool is an English term usually indicating mashed or pureed fruits mixed with cream…It’s a catchy title particularly when associated with cucumbers, which might well be a fruit after all.”

For me, the appeal was simple: this recipe requires no cooking, and the resulting dish is light and refreshing (plus, it looks really pretty in the bowl!). All you need is a food processor.

Cucumber Fool

Peel and halve 5 large cucumbers; scrape the seeds and juice into a sieve set over a bowl. Toss with a pinch of salt and let drain (reserve those juices). Cut the cucumbers into chunks. Chop the tender white and green parts of 6 scallions in the food processor. Add cucumber chunks and chop roughly with a big pinch of sugar, several grinds of white pepper, a few droplets of wine vinegar, the cucumber juices, a small handful of watercress leaves and fresh dill, plus several tablespoons of sour cream or heavy cream. This will be a fairly thick puree; correct seasoning to your taste, and chill. 

Serving: serve in chilled soup bowls or cups, with a spoonful of sour cream, a few slices of cucumber, and a sprig of fresh dill as garnish. 

This is what ours looked like – not half bad:


I’m looking forward to making this again for some of my girlfriends – I think it would also make a great starter course at a bridal shower or some other “ladies luncheon” type party, since people always seem to like eating light on those occasions. 

There are lots of great Cucumber Soup recipes out there – though I haven’t found another that calls itself a “fool”! 

This one is a bit healthier with low-fat milk and sour cream, and this one has cilantro and cayenne pepper – sure to give a bit more of a kick. 

Here’s an idea for keeping chilled soup cool if you’re eating outdoors – decant the soup into a pitcher and set inside a large bowl filled with ice, like so:

Picture 2

Perhaps it’s just end-of-summer nostalgia, but I’m hoping to enjoy more of these refreshing starters before the cooler Fall air arrives. 

Got any great cucumber soup recipes for me? Or perhaps another type of chilled soup? I’m equally in love with Gazpacho. 

Share your ideas here!