The Time Traveler’s Wife: Pages 1 to 55

September 9, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Hello again, everyone:

Thanks for the lively chatter about the Movie Vs. Book question. Clearly books are the undisputed winner in this crowd. (No surprise there, I guess.)
So onto THIS book. I’ve read only the first 55 pages so far, but I’m about to go off on vacation for a few days, so will hopefully have the chance to scoot through much more by the end of the week.

I was really drawn in from the start. (In fact, she had me at the J.B. Priestley quote before the prologue: “Clock time is our bank manager . . .”). Love the way we get right into the voices of Clare and Henry with their descriptions of how it all feels for each of them. And the chapter on the first date kind of eases you into it, don’t you think? Because after that, you have to confront the idea of a 30-something man appearing in a field, naked, before a 6-year-old girl. And that’s a little, well, weird really. Now, most discussion of the book tends to mention this point—the creepy factor of naked older guy confronting VERY young, impressionable girl. But I have to say that I think Audrey Niffenegger is handling it rather deftly so far and I haven’t really found it off-putting. What do you think?

I’m going to try to read to page 200 by the end of this coming weekend. I won’t have a chance to post while I’m away, but please tell us all what you think so far and I’ll jump back in as soon as I return on Monday. Happy reading!