Rise and Shine

September 8, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Let’s not pretend that my kids need alarm clocks. As I have said before, they wake up with the birds. If I’m lucky, they might fall back asleep and roll out of bed at a more respectable 6:30am. Last night, when I was tucking my son into bed before his first day of kindergarten, he asked me he could have a clock in his room.

I haven’t shopped for an alarm clock in quite some time. My husband and I have used the same Bose Wave Radio for over ten years. So I got on line to look for a sports-themed alarm clock and found this: the Throw Alarm Clock, Baseball Style. When the alarm sounds, you actually toss (or throw) the clock to shut the alarm off. The clock comes in several styles including football, soccer, and golf.

This reminded me of another alarm clock I read about years ago: The Clocky, the patented alarm clock on wheels. With the Clocky you get one chance to wake up and if you snooze, you loose. Literally. The clock jumps off your nightstand and rolls around your room looking for a place to hide with the alarm beeping the entire time. You’re going to have to jump out of bed and find the darn thing to get some peace.

HF3480_60-GAL-global Some of us prefer to ease into the day with a kinder, gentler alarm. For you, there’s the Philips Wake Up Light. The light on this alarm clock increases gradually, starting 30 minutes before your wake up time. It’s believed that light falling on your eyes increases the level of energy hormones in your body. The light on this alarm clock accompanies a gradually increasing sound, either your favorite radio station or one of four nature-inspired sounds, to gently move you out of bed and into your day.

Alarm clocks have become pretty high-tech today. Do a quick search and you’re likely to find clocks with projectors, rooster sounds, talking voices and much more. What might be fun? A return to the wind up 1964 Big Ben Alarm Clock by Westclox. I think I caught one of these on a bedside table on a recent episode of Mad Men.

How do you get out of bed in the morning? Do you use an iPod app, your phone or BlackBerry? Do you wake up with the birds or do you have little human alarm clocks like mine?