Moving: A Top Ten “Most Stressful” Life Event?

September 7, 2009 | By | Comments (4)

Cardboard-boxes_300I moved apartments last week—at nine months pregnant—and it was NOT fun, I will that say up-front. The upheaval normally would be tough, but at this point in my pregnancy, it was extra difficult because I'm pretty big, quite tired, and occasionally, at random moments just plain over-emotional. And in fact, I'm not alone in stressing while moving—as moving is often cited as a top ten "most stressful life event", right up there with divorce, bereavement, losing a job, wedding planning, and commuting.

Obviously, evaluating that that little list, it's clear that the long-term impact/implications of some of them are vastly different than others (i.e. bereavement, divorce are way different than merely changing addresses and many of the short-term hassles that come with it) but it's still striking nonetheless.

Having just emerged from bit my move-fog/daze and still unearthing myself from a pile of cardboard and picture-hanging hooks, I'll definitely agree that even a change that's ultimately positive has been very trying, since all change requires adjustment and brings with it a host of anxieties, unforeseen problems, and a need to be flexible and willing to try new things. (Oh and strong calf/glute muscles; even though I have been very limited in my packing/unpacking tasks, I have noticed that just taking clothes and other small items from a box and putting them away requires about a million squats or calf-raises in a single period. The days after unloading all my clothes into my dresser and closet my legs were so sore!

Would you agree that moving IS, indeed, one of those grit-your-teeth, groan-and-moan life events that ranks up there in stress with some of the other life-doozies? What do you consider the most stressful events? Cross-country air travel trips with small children?Buying a new car? Your annual physical?

For tips on how to make a move less stressful, more streamlined and overall just less painful, check out this helpful article. (I will admit that I followed most of it, but there were still a bunch of problems that arose at the eleventh hour…)