The Help: Chapters 27 to 34. . .and Kathryn Stockett

September 4, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Hi, everyone:

Well, we finally reached the conclusion, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In the end, the book written by Skeeter, Aibileen, Minny, and the other maids ended up a hit even among those like Hilly who probably would have preferred to see it burned. For the most part, the damage was minimal but the overall impact huge, which I don’t know if anyone expected. I was actually happy that Aibileen lost her job. I think that it was a forced freedom that she secretly desired, and as she stated it only proved her point that Hilly would spend the rest of her life fighting to keep a decent name for herself. It was sad to see that even up to the end Elizabeth remained oblivious to the reality of the woman she’d become and we can only hope that Mae Mobley keeps the lessons that Aibileen taught her close to heart. I was very happy to see Skeeter finally happy with herself and eager to move on to a life outside of Jackson. And most of all that Minny got up the courage to leave Leroy.

Overall I really liked this book. I did read the author’s note at the end, and to be honest I kind of wished I hadn’t. From Kathryn Stockett’s description of her own maid and life growing up, I saw that each character in this book could basically be a piece of this one person who raised her, and I wondered if perhaps she herself was a combination of all of the white women in the book. Also, I thought the explanation of why she wrote the book wasn’t really needed, but that’s just my opinion. Either way I think I would have preferred to end with the image of Aibileen starting a new life for herself. So what did you think? Luckily, we have the opportunity to ask Kathryn Stockett herself, since she has agreed to answer your questions. Just post them here.

And tell me: What were your overall thoughts about the book and the way that it ended?