Get on Trackle

Trackle Have you ever found a great dress on sale at your favorite
website, but it’s not available in your size? And you think to yourself, “If
only I’d known about this sooner!”

Turns out you can, if you know what to watch for. I’ve been
playing with a new online tool called Trackle. It allows you to track a variety
of things from one website, including news, jobs, and travel—one stop shopping,
so to speak. I counted 80+ things one can “trackle,” and although you probably
won’t want to track all of them, there are a few worth mentioning:

Product Price Drop: If you find something you love,
but it’s too pricey for you, you can find out when it falls below a certain
price. That way you’ll be first in line when the price plummets. The catch: Your
retailer has to be on Trackle’s list, but many of the major sites (Target,
Amazon, Old Navy, etc.) are already there.

Coupons: Enter your zip code and select a category
(Groceries, say), and you’ll see alerts whenever a local coupon pops up. Just
click and print. I started tracking coupons in my area and I’ve found coupons
for granola bars, diapers, paper towels and cereal that I buy anyway.

Home Value: This isn’t as exciting as it would’ve been
a couple of years ago, but enter your address and you can track your home’s
value as it swings around. (I rent, so this doesn’t work for me, but I entered
the addresses of a few people I know, and that’s kind of fun, too.)

Product Recalls: Get alerts whenever a product, drug,
food or vehicle gets recalled. (I’ve really gotten into this since I had a
baby.) I checked in today and found out that my stroller has been recalled
because the seat buckle breaks. Fantastic.

You can also track news on particular topics, stock prices,
celebrity gossip, book and music releases, and tons of other stuff. Receive alerts via daily email digest, text message, or just log onto the site when you want to see what’s new.

The site
isn’t perfect (I was annoyed to discover that I can only track news from The
New York Times
and CNN, for instance), but it’s interesting.

Check it out at What would you track?