Great Gluten-Free Recipes and Advice

I’ve been hearing more and more from friends who are diagnosed with gluten allergies and/or celiac disease. Since I am a girl who likes to eat everything under the sun, I can’t imagine how challenging it would be to modify my diet (for the rest of my life) to accommodate for this kind of food allergy. I admire those who face this challenge head-on with optimism and creativity. Take Betsy, for instance, who authors two blogs for “Gluten Free Foodies” offering recipes, restaurants, and helpful advice for those who must avoid gluten on a day-to-day basis. 

You can check them out here:

Gluten Freedom Atlanta 

Gluten Free in DC

Betsy shares my feelings about food and cooking – that it’s a way to bring people together, and an important part of connecting with friends and loved ones. I love the way she comes up with simple recipes that are delicious without being intimidating, and focuses on using fresh ingredients with lots of flavor. Her meals and restaurant suggestions are certainly not just for those with gluten intolerance – check out this Lamb Dinner – yum! 

Gluten Free Lamb Dinner

Also offered are tips on how to navigate dining out in restaurants when you have specific dietary restrictions – a very helpful resource for anyone with a food-related allergy. 

Even though I am currently allergy- free, I know I’ll be turning to Betsy’s blogs when entertaining for my friends who have gluten intolerance. Her tips and recipes are a great reminder that those with dietary restrictions have every right to enjoy delicious, creative meals at home and out on the town. 

I’m curious – are any of my other readers dealing with gluten intolerance? If you have additional resources, share them here!