Clearing My Cluttered Mind

Over the weekend, I started cleaning out my dresser drawers and bedroom closets. My aim was to get rid of all the clothes I’ve been holding onto that no longer fit, I was never going to wear again and was flawed in some way (holes, spots, etc…). I wanted to make room for new things or at the very least be able to see the things that really mattered.

closet reorganization

But what I was doing physically was really just a reflection of what was happening in my head. I am trying to clear my cluttered mind. For the past few weeks, I have been on a mission trying to purge all the unnecessary stuff I think about. You know, things like ‘what I am going to say to ____________ when or if__________’. Or ‘I can’t believe I did ____________’. And the other subjects that play on the endless loop in my head.

With all this ongoing ‘chatter’ I have little room to create new ideas or simply enjoy the moment. Plus, when every time I looked into my closet there was way too much stuff going on. Thus my need to purge both mentally and physically.

And you know what? I’m actually calmer as a result. My inner dialog makes special appearances from time to time instead of an ongoing monologue.Just because I stopped planning out what will happen next I can sit enjoy my book that much more. I need to declutter more often.

Now tell me this: What do you do to clear your cluttered mind?

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