Charming Addition to a Wedding Reception

I attended an event this week and have been dying to share the best part of the party right here with you: The Raw Bar Boat. I thought it was the most charming and delicious aspect of the evening, and would be just perfect for a seaside wedding reception. Here are a few pictures:




Essentially, it was the wooden hull of a beautiful old boat, filled with chipped ice, then topped with fresh raw oysters. One side of the boat was lined with eager and friendly “shuckers” – the other was lined with hungry revelers such as myself! The boat was propped up with wooden beams for support, and came up to just the perfect height for digging in. They had small ramekins filled with different toppers (vinegar, lemon, cocktail sauce) and Nantucket Lightship Baskets stocked with napkins. Genius – and such a delight to happen upon when I arrived at this party. No utensils required, which helped add to the laid-back ambiance of the evening. 

Anyone getting married soon? Think you might incorporate this idea? Or have you already incorporated this in your wedding plans? If so, I’m jealous!