You CAN Take It With You: A Sports Bra for Music on the Run

August 12, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Rhythmbra Problem: You want to listen to music while you walk, run, or do cardio workouts, but hate having it grasped in your hand, jangling in your pocket, or wrapped around your bicep with an uncomfortable, hard-to-reach armband.

Solution: A sports bra with a perfect little pocket for your MP3 player built right in! (See picture, left.)

I’ve long been driven batty by the conundrum of where to store my iPod when I walk or run (especially in the warmer months when I don’t wear a jacket or coat with pockets.) Because armbands always chafe and are a pain to adjust, and I hate running with anything in my hands, I’ve resorted to the stop-gap measure of putting my music player in my sports bra, a solution which has proven pretty weak—most notably the fact that after a few minutes of working out, my iPod would be drenched in perspiration (not good for the notoriously finicky devices!), and dangerously close to slipping down through the bottom of my sports bra.

In short: not a good solution. So that’s why I am so excited to share my experience testing out The Rhythm Bra. It’s an invention that seems so ridiculously simple, I wish I’d invented it!

It’s a just a good old-fashioned, supportive sports bra (it reminds me of some of my favorite Champion models in design/look) but it has a perfectly-sized center pocket right in the center of the garment.

The result: You can run with your music in place and very easy to reach. No bouncing or jiggling or music skipping; no water-logged music player at all! You can even use it while strength training at the gym and the cord wont get all tangled up as it might were you wearing the device on your arm.

The Rhythm Bra, which costs $36 and comes in sizes Small through X-Large, fit my iPod Nano perfectly (it will fit both the older and newer generations) but it will also accommodate other similarly-sized MP3 players.

Of course, you can also fill the pocket with a credit card, keys, or cash. (In terms of carrying your phone there, I found that my iPhone is a bit too big and heavy for the spot, but I imagine if you have a slightly smaller, rather lightweight “clamshell” phone you could put it there easily.)