Artist’s Coloring Book For Kids

August 12, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

I was telling a friend back a few years ago that what the indie craft world really needs is a coloring book for kids designed by artists, each page from a different talent, all pages inspiring and fun. It is a great, sneaky way to get children away from mainstream cartoon characters, not that Sponge Bob is bad (I happen to be a fan of the squarepants man!), and to develop their interest in artists who are not designing what they see in toy stores. I think kids can use a little diversity and exposing them to the art community at an early age is a good idea. Plus, they can color it so it’s fun and interactive, developing their creativity. Though my coloring book idea didn’t go beyond my desk, I’m suddenly spotting a trend – artists coloring books are slowly popping up in the independent craft communities online and I’m loving it!


Like this collaborative coloring book, We Are Happy, founded and designed by Yael Frankel. It’s a monthly publication, so new art each month, for you to color or paint on, and contains the work of 10 artists or so who have Etsy shops. Every month the artists are given a theme and they are to interpret that theme into art.


Interested in coloring your world happy? Click here to find We Are Happy and to enjoy this wonderful new offering from some of your favorite Etsy artists.

(images: yael frankel)