Furniture Fix Ups

Bored with the bedside table? Does your desk chair need a makeover? Decorative painter Kristen Davis in Atlanta, who normally specializes in children's walls, recently found a new addiction — furniture! Her blog and all the before and after photos there will no doubt inspire you to pull out your paintbrush and try a little faux painting yourself. And before you run screaming at the sound of the word faux, I'm not talking about the tacky 1980s faux techniques. :) I'm referring to fresh and modern looks that can transform your furniture and cabinetry on a budget. Let these images give you some inspiration today…






I'm so glad Kristen wrote in about her company, K.F.D. Designs because so many want to do a quick, inexpensive project but often feel stumped and unsure as to what to do. Paint the walls? Add new pillows to the sofa? Move the throw rugs to another part of the house? Well, how about paint some furniture! I'm inspired! And by the way, if you're recently fixed up a piece of furniture and have a blog post about it or a photo somewhere on the web showing your before and after project, please post it in the comments section below so I can check it out. I may feature your work in the near future here on Real Simple's Home & Organizing blog! Thank you.

(images: k.f.d. designs)