Margaritas: Tastier from Scratch

In honor of National Tequila Day (yes, it really does exist – and it’s today!), I’ve decided to share my super-secret homemade margarita recipe with you. It’s the most refreshing summer cocktail, perfect for the dog days of summer. 

Picture 17

It’s not that I’ve reinvented the wheel here, but whenever I serve up this refreshing cocktail my guests rave about how much tastier it is than any “marg” they’ve ever had from a mix – or in a restaurant for that matter. This always surprises me, given that there aren’t any fancy ingredients (like prickly pear or pomegranate) and because they’re absolutely no sweat to mix up. 

Here it is: 

1 part tequila 
1 part triple sec
1 part lime juice
1 part orange juice
1 part sprite 
dash of grenadine 

*1 “part” = 1 shot glass worth

Mix all of the above in a cocktail shaker with ice and pour into a highball (or other cocktail-style) glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with lime wedge. 

You can salt the rims if you like – coat the rim of the glass with lime juice (from a wedge), then dip and twist in a bowl of coarse sea salt. 

The sprite gives it a nice fizzy kick, the oj helps temper the alcohol, and the grenadine adds just a touch of sweetness and a nice soft pink tint to the drink. 

Now drink up and enjoy! And please let me know in the comments below if you’ve got your own homemade margarita recipe to share. If you try mine, tell me what you think of it.