Rehab For Roughed-Up Summer Feet

Far from the supportive, cozy boots of fall and winter, strappy sandals, slingbacks and peep-toes can do quite a number on your feet.

While a slightly saner woman might just opt for more comfortable shoes (dare we say UGGs?) to begin with, Profoot Care Toe Bandages ($4 at make soothing midday heel woes a lot easier, with extra cushioning and pre-cut, toe-friendly sizes.

Feet profoot bandages

At the end of a long, high-heeled workday, I usually slip on a pair of Yoga Toes ($50 at Yoga Pro) for half an hour, slather on lots of L’Occitane’s lavender foot cream ($20 at L’Occitane) – it's not greasy and smells great – and put on an old pair of cotton socks.
Feet yogatoesFeet loccitane cream

Between the three, I’m usually out and about in heels the next morning.