My Latest Trick for Passing Time with Children.

I always like to have a supply of games to use to pass the time with my children. Stuck in a line, stuck in traffic, stuck in a doctor’s office…it’s helpful to have a big arsenal of child-pleasing activities at the ready.

Here’s our latest game, and I have to say, I enjoy it as much as my children. It’s called “Name That Book.”We take turns quoting a line from a favorite picture book, and everyone has to guess which book it’s from. You don’t have to get the quotation exactly right, of course, but just supply enough for it to be recognizable. That’s all there is to it, but it’s surprisingly fun. Flyingbooks

“Goodnight air.” (Goodnight Moon)

“And because she was a good mother, even though she was a cow…” (The Story of Ferdinand)

Kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk!” (Blueberries for Sal)

“’No, she is not,’ Jane politely explained.” (Is Your Mama a Llama?)

“Look at me, look at me, look at me now! It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how.” [this statement actually has profound meaning for a happiness project, by the way] (The Cat in the Hat)

The game can be made more difficult by quoting the more obscure passages. For example, “And it was still hot,” is a lot tougher than “Let the wild rumpus start!” (Where the Wild Things Are)

Because we’ve all read those picture books a million times, it’s easy for everyone to come up with those lines. It never fails to surprise me how easily time with children can switch from cheery to whiny, and back again. Little games like this one help keep the mood light. Have you found any good techniques to keep your children entertained?

The days are long, but the years are short.