Printable Stationery


(This is the print I made when I took a letterpress class at The Arm in Brooklyn last year.)

I'm a letterpress nut, but frequently prohibited by the price tag on stationery or even note cards. So in looking for a more affordable stationery solution, I came across printable stationery. There are tons of sellers on Etsy who sell printable stationery. Here are a few great ones I found:

Retro Recipe Cards by CollageObject



I love line drawings on the side of the cards. And I wonder if you could type your recipes on the card and then print them out? That would be handy for those of us with less than perfect penmanship. And the best part is that the PDF file only costs $2 for four designs.

Birds in a Row by WhiskerGraphics


This set is one of the most complete that I found in my quick search. For $15 you get PDFs for folded note cards, 2-inch labels, folded gift tags, mini file folders, a belly band (for gift wrapping), an A2 envelope, 2 envelope liners (one flat and one pointed) along with instructions because you can edit these files. So you can put your name, a friends name, or just leave them blank. And with the labels if you move, all you have to do is print a new sheet with your updated address.

Paris Cafe Stationery by littlebrownpen


This is another multi-pack of stationery. For the low, low price of $5 you'll get the PDF for folded notecards, flat notecards, gift tags, an envelope, 8.5×11 stationery and an 8×10 art print that you can frame. I think this illustration is so sweet, and this set is at the top of my list to order. When you're perusing littlebrownpen's shop be sure to check out their Keep Calm-esque calendars—my two favorite takes are: "Bat Lashes and Pound Chocolate" for February and "Wear Bikini and Avoid Mirrors" for June.

Vintage Camera Stationery by paperandplane


And finally, some stationery from paperandplane. It's another multi-pack: with note paper (either 8.5×11 or A4 for those outside the U.S.). Once again, all for the bargain price of $5.

What are your thoughts on printable stationery? Is it something you would do to save on costs? Have you found any that you just love?