How Do You Store Your Wine and Spirits?

With the holiday weekend rapidly approaching (I can't believe it's July already), many of you will probably be doing some entertaining. Which also means you'll probably be drinking beer or wine or mixing some kind of cocktail. So in the spirit of that (no pun intended), I want to know where you keep your wine and spirits?

Right now, in my tiny apartment, we keep our liquor in a cabinet above our refrigerator simply because that is all the space we have. Our wine, we keep on a couple of small racks in the living room. But eventually, I would love to have a bar cart or cabinet in my apartment for liquor and my bar tools along with a wall mounted rack for wine.

Here's the wine rack that I love:


It's made by Vintage View, and while these racks are actually designed to be installed in wine cellars, I think they work well as a single rack too. A four foot rack that holds 12 bottles cost $73. Yes, that's a bit pricey for a wine rack, but I'm sure that there's a way to do a DIY version as well. 

For a better look at the Vintage View rack (and other small space options) check out Apartment Therapy's post here.

As far as bar carts go, I haven't found one that I want yet, but Design*Sponge did a fantastic round up of available bar carts this week. Check out the post here to see her suggestions.

Admittedly, most of the selections in the round up are super-expensive. But once again I have a DIY option for you. Check out this before and after: 


See the full post here for the step-by-step on how this thrift store bookcase became a full service bar.

Those are my favorites for storing cocktail supplies. What about you? Where do you keep wine and spirits in your home?

(images from Vintage View and Apartment Therapy)