9 Design Picks From Room Service Home

June 24, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Are you familiar with Room Service Home? I’ve been a fan for years now and find lots of unique and pretty things on their website from furniture to home accessories. I once subscribed to their catalog, which was always such a treat to receive in the mail, but now they’ve decided to offer their catalog online via PDF format so you don’t have to wait to get a copy and it’s good for those not living in the U.S. who would like to check them out. Today I’m rounding up 9 favorites from Room Service Home that I would either own or suggest to a client. Many of these items would make for a perfect gift — never underestimate the power of the well chosen gift!


  • A pink leather bound dictionary, personalized! I would love to one of these and have nearly purchased a pink one on several occasions. The $175 price tag has held back. But if you have the cash, go for it and make me green with envy. Or in this case, pink. A book like this one is a gem and one that can hand down to family members. It would also be a lovely gift for graduation day.


  • Next up, the Beachside Ribbon Tote. I would use something like this in so many ways from holding glass bottles of water and juice in the kitchen to leaving one in a guest room with magazines, chocolate and a bottle of wine nestled inside for a friend. The monogrammed bag is my favorite of the three, it’s so preppy and I like the natural weave of the bag, the pattern is so pretty.


  • Ruffled sheets are a staple in my home. In fact I like white ruffled sheets so much that I own several sets, some with a double ruffle and others with a single one like this set shown above. They’re feminine without being over-the-top girly in case the man in your life isn’t so impressed by large scale florals or cute patterns. I think the crisp white (modern) combined with an understated feminine touch (romantic) is a great choice for couples.


  • Aside from the cute clipboards (you can make them on your own with simple clipboards and your favorite fabric or wallpaper), the lime Genie lamp is a gorgeous accent meant to add some fun to your work day. I fell in love with this lamp the second I saw it. I’m a big fan of the statement makers when it comes to lighting.


  • These faux croc box clocks (say that fast 10 times!) are darling, aren’t they? Modern clean lines paired with color and texture… what a perfect gift for a friend with a big personality and style to match.


  • Room Service Home has a bunch of great rugs to die for but I’m sold on the light blue Modern Maze rug and would like to see it against hardwood floors or a white painted wood floor as is very popular in Scandinavian design and growing in popularity here, too.


  • I recall days flea marketing with my mother as a child seeing maps on pillows and towels just like these so the geography towels get my vote for a fun item to own. I imagine one would make a great gift for a friend visiting for the first time, a little something from your state to remember you by.


  • Another star of the show is the Cabebe Shell Dish for your dresser (for rings), desk (for placing your business cards), or in the bathroom for guest soaps. The detailing along the edge and the ball feet sold me the second I laid eyes on this dainty dish.


  • And finally, a little throwback to the ’40s here… just look at this palm Bamboo Bar. Maybe you have to be from a coastal resort town down south like I am or into Hollywood Regency to get why I like this but I genuinely do love it. I’ve always wanted to set up a mini bar in my living room just like this and dig those glass holders. What a seriously great piece this is.

Now it’s your turn. What do you see at Room Service Home that you’d love to own? I’m still dreaming of that pink leather dictionary myself…

(images: room service home)