Knitted Poufs: Spend a Bundle or D.I.Y.

DWR Flocks Poufs

I've been in love with the knitted poufs (aka ottomans) by Flocks since they made the rounds on the home blogs last year. But with such a hefty price tag—$800 and up from Design Within Reach—they have been sadly out of my reach.

Luckily, the crafty bloggers over at Pickles have designed two versions of the pouf that you can knit yourself:

Puff Daddy


and Puff Daddy's Baby

Pickles Puff Daddy's Baby 

The secret to getting the thick texture like the Flocks felted yarn is knitting with three strands of yarn at once. Other than that, the patterns look pretty straightforward. The other bonus about making your own pouf is that you can choose your own colors, instead of just the neutrals from Design Within Reach. I would love to make a Puff Daddy's Baby in either a bright pink or a deep teal. Like these colors for example:

Pantone_pink             Pantone_teal 

What do you think? Any knitters out there thinking they might like to try these? If you do, let me know how it goes.

[images top to bottom from: Design Within Reach, Pickles, and Pantone]