Lovely Sweet William

June 19, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

I'm smitten by sisters Shelley Gardner, who lives in New Zealand, and Paula Mills and sister-in-law Jeanine Mills who are both based in Australia. Together they own a charming Etsy shop called Lovely Sweet William, filled with their handmade crafty things for mostly the home or gift giving. I found out about her yesterday from Ez and I'm so glad she blogged about Paula (thanks, Ez!).


I really like the Typographic Alphabet print shown below, don't you? I especially love Paula's intricate patterns, collage techniques and line drawings – she's quite a talented illustrator.

In addition to prints, these ladies make handcrafted purses, little travel bags, brooches, tags and more!


And here's a glimpse of Paula's home office, it is quite boho and loads of fun just like her products. I wouldn't call this office space Real Simple at all (ha ha) but you have to appreciate the personality shining through here and you know, I'm all for that!

(images: lovely sweet william)