Busy Woman Seeks Wife: The Conclusion (Beware of Spoilers!), Plus Questions for Annie Sanders

Hi, everybody:

Now that I’ve finished the book, I feel like I definitely got all the fireworks and wackiness I was hoping for. Do you all feel the same way?

I was really happy to see how the Alex-and-Frankie relationship continued with a purpose all the way through the end. Even though the situation was funny and over-the-top, I thought the way they finally came together felt believable in the context of the story. And I appreciated how they both reacted after their first intimate encounter. It made me applaud Alex, in that she was concerned about Todd’s feelings but was able to see that he had his own faults and that their relationship was lacking definition. I especially liked how Frankie’s perception of Alex’s looks completely turned around without Alex having to change who she was. Bravo for that!

What did you all think about Frankie’s Turkish adventure? His character was so well-established as a guy you can count on that, like Alex, I had every confidence he was going to come through—but I still enjoyed the frenzied way he managed to get it all done.

So Camilla—no surprises there. But I was surprised that we got a full-on, procedural-TV-drama-style villain monologue at the end. I always love those. It’s like the villains really want you to understand just how bad they are.

I also liked how Saffron and Ella had very particular parts to play in Alex’s success. One could tell that their arcs were planned from the beginning, and I really appreciate that because it means that nothing in the story seemed random or out of place. I thought the mental picture of Saff’s kids acting as waiters and chatting it up with a hip-hop star was pretty terrific, too.

But my hands-down favorite part was when Alex didn’t just accept Gavin’s praise and promotion offer. Too often at the end of books like these the heroine hasn’t really come to realize her own worth, so I thought it was excellent that Alex clearly did.

I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts about the end of the book. Did it live up to your expectations? Was it as quick and fun as you were expecting?

Also some good news: Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders, who write together as Annie Sanders, have graciously agreed to answer some questions from us! My question is:
How do you manage to write a novel together? Do you each focus on different parts of the story, or maybe alternate chapters?

If you have anything you’d like to ask them about the book or how they write, please put your queries in the comments area of this post.

Thanks for joining me!