A rainy day birthday party solution

June 18, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

B00273ZAH6.logo.175 This weekend the kids are attending two outdoor birthday parties. The problem? According to the forecast, it is supposed to rain in the New England area for the next week (or three).

It is the nightmare of any party-planning parent – what do you do with the gang of hyperactive kids who, instead of running around in your backyard, are now wreaking havoc in your living room? You could try rescheduling, but seriously, do you want to explain to your 7 year old why his party is going to be NEXT week instead of today?

If you own a Nintendo Wii, there is another solution – Birthday Party Bash
from 2K Play.

B00273ZAH6.02.sm Through this interactive birthday-themed video game up to "12 partygoers can whack, roll, splash, pop, and shimmy their way through over 20 birthday mini-games. These include twists on classic favorites like Piñata Blast, Duncan Hines Cake Stacker and Birthday Blowout." (Thank you Amazon.com for the description). You can also select from 10 differently themed party rooms, and customize each for your child.

According to the Amazon description, the game also comes with tools to help bring the virtual party into the real world, including customizable invitations, coloring sheets, a birthday crown and a Duncan Hines coupon (seriously, how smart is that sponsor??).

As much as my kids and I enjoy video games, I'm not sure this would be a replacement for my son's birthday party – but he was also born in July, a time when everyone should be playing outside! As a November baby, I could see my husband enjoying this as an option for his birthday when he was a kid… or this year.

Birthday Party Bash will be available on July 14th – three days after my son's party, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for a sunny day!

How about you? Would you consider a video-game themed birthday party?