Let’s Talk About Your Hang Ups

June 15, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Let's talk about your hang ups this morning. Do you have a few photos or prints that need to be displayed but can't find a non-generic frame to place them in? Have you heard of husband and wife design duo, Daniel and Louise Schridde and their frame company Obrien & Schridde? They make picture frames with a rustic touch for clients so all your hang ups can be addressed – at least those that you want to put on display. ;)

2 elegant for Holly

Louise told me that clients have been known to collect between 5 to 20 of their frames – wow, loyal customers! They purchase so many because they find their workmanship exquisite from the paint wash, to the detailing (like scroll work) and for the subtle hues. Many of their clients are professional photographers who enjoy displaying their work in Obrien & Schridde frames or who pass the framed work onto their own clients.

Elegant and vintage for Holly

Vintage for Holly

Image of 3 JT's for Holly

With such loyal support from fans, it's no wonder why they've been featured in several magazines and that over 1,000 shops carry their frames nationwide. If you'd use any of these words to describe your home — pure, uncomplicated style, Shabby Chic, country living, Swedish farmhouse, French country, romantic decor or the rustic look you may really love these beauties, each available in several colors, sizes and finishes.

J frame on mantel for holly

My favorite is the Classic frame (shown above), it would be perfect for some of my photographs of flowers and Paris. I particularly like the gray frame as it reminds me of something I'd see in a home in the Swedish countryside or in France.

Which one do you like? Where do you normally shop for frames? What is the average price you spend on frames?

(images: obrien & schridde)