Do You Want A ‘Do Over’?

Remember when you were a kid and a board game or game of ‘Red Light, Green Light 1,2,3′  with your friends didn’t go exactly your way? If that happened you or someone involved in the game would simply yell ‘do over’. Then you’d reenact the round of the game until everyone was satisfied. 

I thought about this recently when I considered this: What would I do if I had the power to take back a word, deed or decision? Would I exercise that option or would I look at each mistake I have made as a growth experience? (Sort of like my own personal version of “Groundhog Day”).

Well to be frank I was torn because there have been some learning curves that I clearly wish I could have bypassed (you know the ones where you make the same mistake over and over again). But then reality kicked in and I became aware of how the events of our lives fit together as a puzzle and when you take things out it leaves some gaping holes in the finished product. So we can’t actually be complete without those essential pieces whether we’re proud of those moment or not. I guess that’s why it’s called learning from our mistakes. 

But tell me this: How would you feel if someone gave you the chance to do something over?