Busy Woman Seeks Wife: Chapters 17 to 33

Hi, everybody:

Based on the comments from last week, it sounds like we’re all enjoying the lightness of this book, especially as compared to some of the heftier plots and themes in books we’ve all been reading for various other clubs. Sometimes it’s great to just zip through a funny, entertaining story, don’t you think?

And speaking of funny and entertaining—I loved the dinner party chapter of this week’s installment. It reminded me of my favorite episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, where Mary plans for 6 dinner guests, but 7 people show up, and then Lou Grant takes more than his share of the Veal Prince Orloff…. But I digress.

What did you think of the way Alex discovers that Frankie has been standing in for Ella? I liked the dynamic of the poker game with Frankie, Saffron, and the Bean; and on the one hand I appreciated that the scene wasn’t overly laced with crazy high jinks. But on the other hand, I had sort of prepared myself for a wacky Lucy-and-Ethel-style runaround to the scene culminating in Alex finding out the truth in semi-explosive fashion, so I have to admit it felt a little anticlimactic.

These chapters also made me extra-suspicious of Camilla, who, as Andi pointed out in the comments last week, seems just too good to be true. I thought that having Frankie pose as a graduate student in the office to discover the saboteur was a pretty clever way of having him and Alex get to know each other. I appreciate that they’re inching closer—with a purpose rather than just by happenstance, as in many other chick-lit novels.

I also really like the sweet, tentative friendship burgeoning between Saffron and Ella. I’m hoping they end up with a big contract for Saff’s expertly baked goodies. What do you think—does London have a new Mrs. Fields on its hands?

I’m betting there’ll be some big laughs as these situations get resolved, and I’m looking forward to finishing up the book this week.