Do You Like Chopped Salads?

I always struggle with what to eat for lunch, but lately I have been dabbling in the world of salads. I've been resistant only because salad typically doesn't fill me up. Adding a ton more protein (hard-boiled eggs, kidney beans, grilled chicken) seems to do the trick. What also helped this transformation? I'm a chopped salad convert.

OxoproductThe NY lunch market is overwrought with custom salad places that chop your salad into bite-size pieces (chop't is right across the street from the Real Simple offices). These chopped salads, though delicious, can be a total budget breaker. So I was intrigued when I saw OXO's new Salad Chopper and Bowl. (see picture)

It's a more contained version than using a mezzaluna on a cutting board (which would lead to lettuce and ingredients everywhere in my tiny kitchen).

Part of me wants to try it because I love OXO's before and after pictures….

Spinach & Apple Salad Before


Spinach & Apple Salad After


What do you think: cool new kitchen tool or dust collector?