The Secret to Buying a Reusable Bag

ReusableBag It’s amazing how quickly plastic bags pile up in my apartment. I own reusable
grocery bags, and I tote them as often as I can manage, but the sad fact is that
I often forget them when I’m running out the door. Or I pick things up on my way
home from some destination and I don’t have them with me. Or, more often these
days, I order groceries online and have them delivered (a fabulous Manhattan
perk when one has a new baby), and the grocer bags it all up in plastic.

Apparently, some people own them but have trouble taking
grocery-store-logo-emblazoned bags into other stores, so they leave them at home
instead, according to a recent Stanford survey. That’s not my problem—my bags
bear logos from the Bonnie Hunt Show and Overland Park, Kansas, and I’m pretty
sure the checkout woman at the Food Emporium could care less. But it does
suggest that there’s a smart way to shop for a reusable sack.

The takeaway: Don’t impulse-buy the bags on sale at your local market,
because they likely bear that market’s logo, and if you won’t use it elsewhere,
you’re just adding to your own clutter. Buy a bag you like, and you’ll probably
be more likely to use it.

(And maybe I should buy something that scrunches up and will fit in my

Some places to start:

You can also read Real Simple’s recent article on The Best
Reusable Bags

Do you use non-plastic bags, and what’s your strategy for remembering them?