Got a Song Stuck in Your Head?

Okay so last week I was talking about how to remove a tick, and this week I've got another little pest on the brain, although this one has no legs, no pincers, and carries no risk of disease.

I'm talking about "earworms"—those snippets of songs that get lodged in your mind and can drive you batty!

So, the next time you find yourself constantly humming a commercial you heard 10 hours ago (or 10 years ago—I swear I'm still singing that horrid "I want my baby back ribs" ad from Chili's that first aired forever ago), try these tricks to get rid of the tune.

(And stay away from these ten tunes—which some have deemed the most prone to prompting earworms.)

1. Distract yourself: do something else that occupies your mind in a real way, whether it's a crossword puzzle, a game of Sudoku, talk to someone on the phone, or even teach someone how to do something.

2. Replace it with something else. Circumvent the loop by plugging in a new tune. Crank up the volume on something you like, and sing to your heart's content.

3. Listen to the song from start to finish. Some experts think that part of the problem is that the brain has gotten stuck at a certain part of the song, and so advise listening to the whole piece from opening note to closing one, so that you can (hopefully!) end the song cycle.

For more information on earworms, check out this entire, scholarly website devoted to the study, and eradication, of the buggers, by a professor of marketing at University of Cincinnati.