8 Cool Chalkboard-Inspired Finds

School might be out for summer, but the chalkboard look is definitely still "in"… at least when it comes to entertaining! There's something classic (and nostalgic) about the familiar white-on-slate design, but the added functionality is what makes this trend extra-special. Check out these cool chalkboard-inspired finds:


1. Chalk Talk Glassware Set ($15.96 / set of 4 pint glasses)
It's a glass and a drink marker all in one! I've seen this look on plastic cups before, but never on real glassware… until now!

2. Chalk Talk Glass Storage (Sale: $3.96 – $4.99 ea)
The product page states: "Chalk one up for whoever designed this clever kitchen storage." I concur! These handy jars come with white chalk so you can label, erase, and re-label as you see fit.

3. Chalk Board Mug ($10)
Write a fun message on this chalk board mug to brighten up a loved one's morning… or your own! Great gift idea, and one of those gifts that keeps on giving (at least until you run out of chalk!).


4. Chalkboard Napkin Rings (Sale: $34.95/set of 4)
The simple, understated design of these napkin rings/reusable place cards is just one of the attributes that makes them so appealing. The fact that they're meticulously crafted in workshops for the physically challenged in Germany is another factor, and their current price tag of $34.95 (down from the regular $65) doesn't hurt either!

5. Rococo Oval Chalkboard ($36)
Who says a chalkboard has to include an actual "board"? This pretty rococo-inspired chalkboard decal from Wall Candy is here to prove otherwise. Also available in a rectangular rococo shape, these removable, reusable, adhesive-backed chalkboard decals are sure to pretty up that grocery list!

6. Chalkboard Recycle Bin (Sale: $38)
From shoes to pet toys to recyclable newspapers & bottles, these storage bins are perfect for all sorts of odds and ends. Chalk included. (Currently on sale from $55 to $38)


Last but not least, try a little slate with that wine & cheese – and help your guests differentiate the brie from the boucheron – with these chic, chalkboard-inspired cheese servers:

7. Slate Cheese Board Set ($69)

8. Slate Cheese Server ($39.95)


That's it for today. Class dismissed!