Accessorize With Shimmer Instead Of A Scarf

A bit of shimmer on the décolletage can be incredibly pretty paired with upswept hair and minimal jewelry. I’ve found most shimmery lotions to be far too shimmery, but these two options work beautifully.

Shimmer DEX New yorkShimmer michael kors 

To ensure you get just the amount of shine you’re aiming for, add a shake or two of loose mineral powder like DEX New York Mineral Loose Pigment ($22 at DEX New York) to a dime-sized drop of the lotion you already use. A little goes a very long way.

A pre-fab solution: Michael Kors Leg Shine To Go ($10). It has a very subtle bronzy tint and – my favorite part – smells like the eponymous scent. It twists up like deodorant, so it’s easy to swipe it along your collarbone.

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