Adorable Note Cards

It’s no secret – I love stationery. I firmly believe the art of the handwritten note is alive and well, and – despite modern technology – isn’t going anywhere.

Note cards make a great small gift, and (guilty pleasure alert) I love purchasing them for myself when I’m feeling like I deserve a “shopping treat” but don’t want to break the bank.

I love the designs of Brooklyn-based Linda & Harriett – and the new note card styles are adorable – Mermaid (Yellow, Purple and Pink), Zig Zag (Lavender and Blue) and Piggies (Pink & Orange and Ruby & Lavender).

Designer Liz Libre took inspiration from a quilt from her mom that has different patterned graphics next to each other.  “I love that effect so much.  I tried to choose colors that all work together, so that you can have a couple boxes of note cards and switch them up,” says Liz. “I tried to keep the designs fairly neutral in imagery — which I think makes it easier to pick up and write a note.  Because it should be.”
The note cards measure 4.875″ x 3.5″ and are paired with a light gray envelope. For those who say, “Email is more environmentally responsible than a written note,” all note cards are letterpressed with soy-based ink onto paper that is 30% post-consumer waste, wind-power generated and carbon neutral.

Don’t get me wrong, I (sadly) use email far more frequently than pen and paper. But I am always delighted to receive a handwritten note in the mail, and I try to send them out when the occasion is right.

Do you still send handwritten notes?