Busy Woman Seeks Wife: An Introduction

Hi, everybody:

I’m Melissa Parrish, the director of community strategy for RealSimple.com, which means that on any given day you can find me on our Twitter stream and Facebook fan page. I’m also the administrator for Simply Stated.

My love of books is so well-known among my friends and coworkers that it’s become sort of a standing joke. Every Friday, when people are talking about their big weekend plans, someone inevitably says, “…and we all know Melissa will be reading….” I have to admit, I deserve the teasing—I’d even go so far as to say I’ve earned it:

* Fact: I’m looking for a house with an extra bedroom just to have somewhere to store my books
* Fact: Rather than choosing which bag to carry based on my outfit, I pick the one that will best accommodate whatever book I’m currently carrying around with me
* Fact: In my spare time, I volunteer as a manuscript reader for a literary agent, just for kicks

So I suppose the most logical next question is, what kinds of books do I like to read? In short, every kind. Usually, when someone asks me what my favorite book is, the answer I give is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but I think Snow Crash has the best opening sequence of anything I’ve read. I’ve been to grad school twice—once for philosophy and once for dramaturgy—so I’ve got hundreds of treatises, manifestos, plays, and, of course, plays that function as treatises and manifestos. Then there are all the classics, the travel books, the short stories, the business books . . . you get the idea.

In any case, I’m thrilled to be shepherding the book club this month and excited to dive into Busy Woman Seeks Wife. Though I don’t like the phrase “chick-lit,” I am a fan of the genre and I’m hoping Busy Woman has some of Helen Fielding’s wit and the crazy antics of Sophie Kinsella. The book is about 300 pages, so for this first week let’s read through Chapter 16.

Thanks for joining me, and happy reading!