Preventing Baby Clutter

May 28, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

As an expectant parent (my husband and I are adopting), I’ve grown increasingly annoyed by the never-ending stream of advice I keep getting about baby products. “You have to get the Exersaucer!” “You have to get a glider, not a rocking chair, for your nursery!” “You have to get the video baby monitor!” “You have to get the baby wipes warmer!” “You have to get a [insert product that didn’t exist until five years ago]!”

Every time someone tells me I have to get something, I’m immediately skeptical and don’t add that item to my shopping list. As a result, my list of things I plan to buy after being notified that we’ve been chosen as parents is steadily getting smaller and smaller:

  • Diapers
  • Place for kid to sleep
  • Bottles
  • Formula
  • Car seat
  • Sling or carrier
  • Wash-and-wear clothing

I ask myself, “Did my mom have this when she brought me home?” If the answer is “no,” it goes off my list of things to buy.

My husband and I are of the mindset that we won’t know what our baby prefers until we have a baby. Filling our home with baby clutter isn’t good for our space, and it’s financially wasteful if our child doesn’t want or need a specific item.

If you have children, was there an object that everyone told you that you had to own that was nothing but clutter in your house? Or, on the flip side, was there something you didn’t think you would need but ended up finding that you couldn’t live without? Tell us about your experiences fighting baby clutter in the comments.