Use Your iPhone to Clip Coupons

CouponSherpa Sadly, I am not a member of the iPhone masses. I’ve been a Sprint mobile gal
from the beginning, and until my contract runs out, a Sprint gal I’ll remain.
But I do find the array of iPhone applications intriguing, especially when they
can save you cash. One such program recently launched, and I thought it was
worth a mention. I speak of Coupon Sherpa.

I’m not a big coupon clipper, because inevitably I forget to take the coupon
to the store, and it just ends up gathering dust in the great pile of
miscellaneous paperwork on my desk. Coupon Sherpa takes a different tack: Get
the coupon on your phone.

Basically, you select a store from the list, and if there’s a coupon
available, the cashier can scan it—right from your iPhone. At any given time,
the app boasts coupons for 80 to 130 retailers, including stores such as Target
and Macy’s. As long as you have your phone with you, you don’t have to remember
to stuff a clipping in your wallet.

And Coupon Sherpa is free for the taking, right from iTunes.

Do you use any iPhone applications to save money?