Share your digital story with Frontline

May 22, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Picture 11 Technology – whether you love it, hate it, fear it, or are addicted to it, I think most can agree that it is here to stay.

For many of us, the focus has been on how technology is impacting our children. How do we protect our kids from cyber-stalkers and cyber-bullies (everything is "techie" when you add "cyber-" as a prefix). Should technology in the classroom be avoided or embraced? As kids become more connected than previous generations, are they incapable of carrying on a "real world" conversation? And how can parents keep up?

Many of these questions were addressed in last year's fabulous documentary, Growing Up Online from Frontline. But for all of the issues and answers it raised for producer Rachel Dretzin, it also uncovered MORE questions about how this new digital age is impacting all of us – not just kids but also parents, grandparents, our workplace, our families, our education system and our military (just to name a few).

It was these questions that inspired the new Frontline documentary, digital nation, which is scheduled to air during the winter of 2010.

Picture 12 So, if the documentary isn't airing until 2010, why am I telling you about it now? Because Rachel and her team are doing something a little different – as part of the process of putting together their documentary they want to hear our stories of living in the digital age. They want to know how our lives have changed (for the good, for the bad, or just changed) as a result of new technologies. You can submit your story (3 minutes or less) using using video, photo collage, audio, animation through their web site.

While you are there, you can also check out stories from others - including one from a guy named Jeff who breaks up with his girlfriend, then has to deal with a second life of the relationship… online as well as cool extras and behind-the-scenes interviews. The producers will be posting video clips of their own, so you can see who the documentary develops (at a Frontline-sponsored event I got a sneak preview of a clip about technology and education which was FASCINATING).

Two questions: What digital stories will you share with Frontline? And what angles would you like see covered in a documentary like this one?