Save a Few Bucks on Dinner

DinnerTable It seems like everyone is cutting corners these days—going out to eat less,
say, or contemplating the generic instead of the pricier name brand. What if I
told you that you could shave a few dollars off of your dinner tab without
skipping the appetizer?

Totally true. Just visit sells discount certificates. So, for instance, you might buy a
coupon that gets you $10 off at a particular restaurant, for $3. (Total savings:
$7.) Or you might find a $25-off certificate for $10. (Total savings: $15.)

Sure, there’s fine print. There’s generally a minimum purchase and plenty of
restrictions (cash only, for example, or only good on week nights). But frankly,
$15 off is $15 off, and if I can go out on a Tuesday with my husband and save money on a meal at a restaurant that I already frequent, isn’t that pretty

They also make fun gifts, if your recipient is game. My husband and I gave a
few of these to his parents for Christmas last year, and they loved them. (And
used them with glee.)

Just search the site for restaurants in your area.

What do you do to save cash on dinners out?