Online Organization Workshops: Simplify 101

May 20, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Looking to get your act together? I've heard nothing but positive reviews from students who have taken the creative declutter classes over at Simplify 101. In addition to online classes and over the phone coaching consults, professional organizers Jay and Aby Garvey also provide in-home organizing services in metro St. Louis and Metro-East in Illinois that, "are conducted in a friendly, non-judging manner, and all your information is kept strictly confidential." Reading through their website I liked this tip offered for those who are buried under such a mess that they're not sure where to start….



The tip? According to Aby, "A good place to start is with the area that is causing you the most stress or anxiety. What’s nagging at you? Is it the pile of paper and bills on your kitchen table? Is it your car that hasn’t fit in your garage for over a year? Is it your hall closet that’s a hazard to open?". That's a practical and easy to handle first step I think. It's not overwhelming to organize things in your home if you take it in baby steps starting with where your absolute pain point rests. Good tip!

A new class starts June 2nd, 6 weeks for $65, you can learn more about their online course and enroll here.

Have you used any of their services? Your thoughts?

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