7 Delightfully Bright Entertaining Finds

What do you get when great design meets wit, utility, & color… in the kitchen? Well, these 7 fabulous finds from Delight.com ALL sum up the formula quite nicely!


1. Better-Life-100-Plant-Based-Eco-Friendly-Cleaning-Products ($23.50 / set)
Not only are these cleaning products chemical-free and good for the earth – they're good for you mood too; happy colors and witty titles like "I Can See Clearly Wow!" will help to add a little whistle to your work!

2. Super Sharp Colori Paring Knife for Top Chefs ($11.50 ea)
Let's get straight to the point: great colors + incredibly useful + fabulous price = delightful!

3. Insanely Useful All-In-One Cook Prep Set ($54.50 / set of 8)
Like your own personal, counter-top rainbow, this colorful set promises blue skies in the kitchen. You'll find everything from mixing bowls and strainers to juicers and measuring cups in one handy set. Could there BE a more perfect gift idea for new nesters, newlyweds, or the college bound?

4. Delightfully Innovative Chop2 Pot ($19.75)
There's smart, and then there's SMART. This handy little cutting board is definitely the latter. When the handle is squeezed, the board folds into a chute to quickly & easily guide chopped food to the pot, salad bowl, or wherever your heart desires. No more messes! Added bonus: great color selection of Pink, Green, White, & Tangerine.


5. Eva Solo Smiley Bowl ($135.50)
Not only does this "big smiley" bowl look great on a daily basis as a piece of contemporary home decor – it boasts some pretty clever functionality in the entertaining department as well. Fill the "mouth" with nuts or candies for guests to enjoy, and let them use top of the bowl as a handy place for shells & wrappers! (Available in Red, Lime, Orange, and Aqua)

6. Gurgle Pot Lovely Koi Pitcher ($42.50)
As much a statement piece as a functional serving dish, this whimsical, yet contemporary pitcher makes a "gurgling" sound when pouring beverages and comes in 9 lovely colors.

7. Tape Measure Kitchen Timer ($14.99)
More proof that great design can make even the most basic utility items cool! Just pull up the tape and watch it disappear until your cookies are that perfect golden brown.