Designing my own map of Disney

May 14, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Classic My husband has visited Walt Disney Word Resort in Orlando Florida over 14 times. And, even though the resort has changed and grown since his first visit over 30 years ago, like many, walking through the parks is like taking a stroll down memory lane.

He remembers the first ride he took with his parents (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea); the first coaster he boarded on his own (Space Mountain); and the one he’s ridden the most (also Space Mountain).

We still talk about the trip we shared with friends (pre-children) when we rode the Test Track over ten times in one-day, journeyed to Africa through Kilimanjaro Safaris and spent more on a meal than ever in our lives (at the California Grill in Disney’s Contemporary).

He was so excited when we brought our son to Disney for the first time. Through his then-four-year-old eyes, we discovered new favorites (Soarin’, The Tree of Life and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin) and introduced our son to beloved characters from our childhood – Peter Pan, Dumbo and the Muppets.

And on all these trips you can be sure he rode “It’s a Small World.”

Last week I received a postcard from the house of mouse (or their advertising agency), telling me I could design free maps to use for trip planning. Or, for someone who needs to start thinking about Father’s Day, to create a customized keepsake documenting all of my families’ favorite attractions.

After designing my maps, I was given the choice of receiving my 5, 14″ x 20″ full-color maps by mail in 2-4 weeks, or printing the maps locally. Pop our favorite resort (Magic Kindgom) into a frame from and, ta-daa, an inexpensive gift for daddy. (Who needs that mouse with the magic wand?)

Are you a Disney fan? What attractions would you put on your free map?