5 DIY Projects to Share with Mom on Mother’s Day

A guest post from Timothy Dahl, founder of CharlesandHudson.com

If your mom is like mine the best gift I could give her is time. From a long-distance call to a lunch at her favorite bistro, most moms simply enjoy catching up and knowing how much you care.

Why not make your time spent with mom more productive this year and share in a do-it-yourself project that will live on long after the day has passed. This project should be completed within a day and be planned by you with a final goal to be reached with just yourself and your mom.

Here are 5 favorite DIY projects to share with mom. Garden-box-plant

1. Tackle some no-money home makeover ideas at your mom’s house. She’ll love the fresh take on her own home without spending cash.

2. If you’re tech-savvy and your mom isn’t, teach her how to email and print digital photos. It’s a skill the electronic generation takes for granted and is coveted by those who aren’t as literate on the computer but love taking and sharing photos.

3. Get down and dirty in the back yard and build a garden box where you can plant your mom’s favorite vegetables and herbs.

4. Spruce up your mom’s cabinets and dressers by shopping for vintage cabinet pulls from local thrift shops or antique stores.

5. Offer to help mom organize her closets, you never know what treasures you might find for yourself that she’s willing to part with. This can lead into trip to a consignment shop or your local Goodwill or even the start of a yard sale.

What DIY projects would you plan with your mom?

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