Shhhh…..I have HollywoodSecrets!

The beauty line HollywoodSecrets has developed a formula that will make us feel and look like the Hollywood stars we love…or at least close to it!

Their 5-minute Eye Transformation is like “Spanx for your eyes,” said my highly critical and pleasantly surprised coworker Sharon Tanenbaum (Associate Editor)! If that doesn’t sound amazing, I don’t know what does!


The active ingredient Argireline, is an anti-aging peptide that helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by causing muscle contractions. All you do is snap the top of the innovative Q-tip applicator and the formula drains into the cotton. Simply dab around your eye and you will almost immediately feel and see the tightening effects, which last up to 12 hours!

I was skeptical at first, but I must admit that I did feel and see a slight change. Luckily I don’t have many fine lines or wrinkles yet, but am victim to the occasional heavy bags under my eyes ( I really need to learn to go to be earlier). So, I have started to use the product when going to an event after a long day at work, immediately following a restless flight and just anytime I need to look like I got a full nights sleep.

A box of 36 applications retails for $99.95

If you decide to try it out (and I hope that you do)….Let me know what you think!