SoleMates: Step….Don’t Sink Into Spring

April 27, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Break out your sandals…Spring is finally here!! Temperatures are soaring and my heart is aflutter as I pack up my sweaters and start frolicking in my sundresses. I finally get to wear my beloved new high heeled sandals! I envision all the brunches, graduations, showers and weddings I'll wear them to—Yipee!

But WAIT! I quickly snap out of my fashionable fantasy when I think of sinking into the grass and ruining my perfect satin heels. Yikes!

Good thing there are smart cookies out there like Becca Brown and Monica Murphy that thought up SoleMates– the tiny shoe accessory that prevents high heels from sinking into the grass, subway grates, cobblestones and other pedestrian hazards! Brilliant.


SoleMates are simple…discreet…reusable… small plastic cuffs that easily attach to most stilettos and kitten heels. The product increases the surface area on the base of the heel, which reduces the pressure on the ground and prevents the heel from sinking in the grass or slipping into cracks. SoleMates come in black and clear so you don't have to compromise the beauty of heels too much. And….they are only $10 a pair!


These are a perfect way to protect your shoes and keep them looking great, while also making it comfortable for you to enjoy your time walking. But again, SolesMates are great year round to protect your heels from cracks, grates and cobblestone.

Protect your fabulous heels, stay comfortable…and start frolicking!