Paper Trail

I’ve been posting a lot lately about eco-friendly choices for weddings, from gowns to jewelry.  Today, being Earth Day, I thought I’d touch on the paper trail all couples leave during their wedding: the stationary! Happily lots of companies are printing stationary on recycled papers, but Greenfield Paper Company takes it one step further with their Fern Invitation line.  The paper is all hand made in the most environmentally friendly way possible AND the paper is plantable.  Each sheet is embedded with seeds with instructions on how to make your guests’ garden grow!

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Stationary doesn’t end with the invite, so when it comes to the program, consider printing a tea card program or simple on page card to minimize the paper that you are using.  A ribbon adornment can make the world of difference. This is from InviteDesigner, but can easily be created on recycled paper as a DIY project. E9bfea67ba0186657d773502029dfc5f.image.122x320
Finally, who says you need a paper menu card for each guest?  Why not have your servers visit each table with a “Daily Specials” chalk board? Or, like this amazing picture from Connecticut Wedding Blog, how about one oversize menu card as thematic decor?
Are you eliminating paper in any way at your wedding?